Gretchen Peters - The Show: Live From The UK Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWGretchen Peters - The Show: Live From The UK

By Helen M Jerome, August 17, 2022

Very much a record of two halves, The Show: Live From the UK is celebrated US singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters’ chance to let her live act do the talking.

Watkins Family Hour - Vol.II Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWWatkins Family Hour - Volume II

By Hal Horowitz, August 15, 2022

While a few more upbeat inclusions would have aided the flow, each track is beautifully, and occasionally radically, rearranged for optimum simplicity and effect. Here's Holler's album review of 'Vol.II'.

Early James - Strange Time To Be Alive Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWEarly James - Strange Time To Be Alive

By Lee Zimmerman, August 15, 2022

With his second album, Early James offers insight into an unsettled state of mind. Here's Holler's album review of Strange Time To Be Alive.

Vandoliers - The Vandoliers Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWVandoliers - The Vandoliers

By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni, August 8, 2022

Listeners averse to slick sounds will likely be put off by the gloss that defines this music, but underneath the candy-coating lives a band of remarkable agility.

Mariel Buckley - Everywhere I Used To Be Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWMariel Buckley - Everywhere I Used To Be

By Hal Horowitz, August 8, 2022

This is a major step forward for Buckley; her palpable confidence in her talent, along with some hypnotic melodies, is on track to make her a significant alt-country/Americana presence.

Kelsey Waldon - No Regular Dog Album Cover

STAFF PICKSKelsey Waldon - No Regular Dog

By Soda Canter, August 8, 2022

With No Regular Dog, Waldon not only eviscerates any established understanding of who she is as an artist, but more importantly as a woman.

Various Artists - Something Borrowed Something New: A Tribute To John Anderson

ALBUM REVIEWVarious Artists - Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson

By Carena Liptak, August 8, 2022

This nuanced, lively project serves as a fine tribute to Anderson, and, for the uninitiated, a compelling introduction to his catalog.

Holler Country Music

ALBUM REVIEWDylan Scott - Livin' My Best Life

By Maxim Mower, August 1, 2022

Scott misses a golden opportunity to break new ground - though you can’t help but feel this was never his aim in the first place.

Travis Denning - Might As Well Be Me Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWTravis Denning - Might As Well Be Me

By Madeleine OConnell, August 1, 2022

Raw, classic country storytelling with a pinch of the hard stuff.

Holler Country Music

STAFF PICKSAmanda Shires - Take It Like A Man

By Jof Owen, July 29, 2022

Amanda Shires has been waiting to take her throne for too long, but Take It Like A Man is the record that finally confirms her ascension. Long live the Queen. Americana finally has a pop icon it can be proud of.

Murder By Death - Spell/Bound Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWMurder By Death - Spell / Bound

By Hal Horowitz, July 25, 2022

MBD’s latest nine-song opus is moderately more cohesive and, dare we say, accessible than some of their previous work.

Whiskey Myers - Tornillo Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWWhiskey Myers - Tornillo

By Hal Horowitz, July 25, 2022

With Tornillo, the band push the limited borders of Southern Rock wider with creativity and faith in their own substantial talents.

Zach Bryan - Summertime Blues Album Cover

STAFF PICKSZach Bryan - Summertime Blues EP

By Jason Scott, July 18, 2022

Zach Bryan’s Summertime Blues speaks directly to this moment in time. It's an ultimately earth-shattering release in its very own way.

John Moreland - Birds In The Ceiling Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWJohn Moreland - Birds In The Ceiling

By Hal Horowitz, July 18, 2022

There are multiple truths, uncertainties and life revelations infused in these tracks, all underscored by Moreland’s honesty and artistry.

Arlo McKinley - This Mess We're In Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWArlo McKinley - This Mess We're In

By Hal Horowitz, July 11, 2022

Even though this doesn’t break new sonic ground, it’s proof that Arlo McKinley is a talent who’s in it for the long haul.

The Deslondes - Ways & Means Album Cover

STAFF PICKSThe Deslondes - Ways & Means

By Jonah Covell, July 7, 2022

These five veterans have got back to the basics of who they are and why they play together, and the results speak for themselves.

Holler Country Music

ALBUM REVIEWRichie Furay - In the Country

By Hal Horowitz, July 4, 2022

Give Furay credit for remaining in the game at this late stage. But it’s not too much to expect something more substantial, original and compelling from a guy with a standing in Americana history as impressive as his.

Luke Combs - Growin' Up

ALBUM REVIEWLuke Combs - Growin' Up

By Will Groff, July 4, 2022

Growin’ Up stubbornly asserts that a solid country album can simply be a solid country album. Whether that will be enough in a market where only the biggest releases get attention, only time will tell.

Holler Country Music

ALBUM REVIEWPeter Rowan - Calling You From My Mountain

By Hal Horowitz, June 21, 2022

Coloring within bluegrass’s established outline, Calling You From My Mountain is another classy, beautifully crafted addition to a catalog and 60-plus-year career that’s as impressive as any in roots Americana.

Holler Country Music

COUNTRY CLASSICSWillie Nelson - Stardust

By Jof Owen, June 21, 2022

Stardust managed to capture something almost childlike in its simplicity; Nelson’s gently picked guitar drawing out the melancholy from the songs and filling the space around it with a wistful sense of the slow passing of time. The whole album is just a step away from being a collection of really fucking sad Muppets songs.

Holler Country Music

ALBUM REVIEWHackensaw Boys - Hackensaw Boys

By Hal Horowitz, June 20, 2022

The vulnerability in the lyrics and music of the Hackensaw Boys' new release feels honest and natural - a refreshing way to propel the band forward into their third decade.

Jimmie Allen - Tulip Drive Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEWJimmie Allen - Tulip Drive

By Jason Scott, June 20, 2022

It might only be June, but Allen just made a bid for album of the summer. Sometimes, albums can just make you feel good 一 and that’s enough.

Holler Country Music

COUNTRY CLASSICSGretchen Wilson - Here for the Party

By Soda Canter, June 20, 2022

Here for the Party is the soundtrack to which we can honor our own gloriously complicated lives and fully accept our origin stories with outward pride.

Holler Country Music

ALBUM REVIEWBrett Eldredge - Songs About You.

By Maxim Mower, June 16, 2022

A solid - if a tad predictable - offering from one of country's leading men.

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